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Railways Construction

Project for the Netivei Israel Company, with a 400,000,000 € budget.

The project included the Construction of 3 Railway Lines: the Valley Line, Carmiel Line and Ha’Sharon Line.

A total of 140 km of built tracks.

The valley Line is a 58 km Single Track, the Carmiel Line is a 22 km Double Track that includes 4,625 meters of double tunnel, and Ha’Sharon Line is a 15 km Double Track.

Highway 2411 - Ofakim
תמונה בניה.PNG

Project for the Netivei Israel Company, with a 25,000,000 € budget.

The project include construction of a new access road to the city of Ofakim, creating a transportation infrastructure to new neighborhoods.

Upgrading Runways in Ben Gurion Airport

Project for the Israeli Airports Authority, with an 180,000,000 € budget. The project took place between 2010-2014, and Implemented the main goals: Increasing the safety level and the capacity of the Runways at Ben Gurion Airport, and the secondary objective - Upgrading runways lighting system and adjusting infrastructure as required, fitting the runways to the AIRBUS A380 aircraft, and distributing the noise load.

The project included Runways in total length of 24,500 m, earthworks (excavation and filling) of 2,500,000 cubic meters, and granular materials of 1,000,000 cubic meters (over 2,000,000 tons). In addition, it included electrical work such as electrical piping, communications and runways lighting (about 800,000 m), placing cables (about 1,200,000 m), Expansion of Power Station 2 and more.

Highway 20 - Fast Lanes
Rosh Ha’ayin - Neighborhood, Access Road and Viaduct Bridge
ראש העין גשר.jpeg

Project for the Ministry of Construction and Housing, with a 55,000,000 € budget. The project is compromised of:

1. Development work and infrastructure in Compound E. The compound includes 2,400 Housing units.

2. Building an Access road with a bridge of about 5,500 sqm. The bridge is located in Rosh Ha'ayin East interchange connecting Road 10 to highway 5.


Project for the Ayalon Highway Company, with an 115,000,000 € budget.

The project include the construction of public transport lanes, building two bridges excluded for public transport and connecting Highway 5 and Highway 20 at the Glilot Interchange.

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